Miata Temperature Sensors:

1. Thermoswitch - on US 1990-1993 1.6 liter miatas. This switch closes when the coolant gets hot
and turns on the radiator fan. Not found on US miatas after 1994. May be used on miatas in other

2. Engine temperature sensor. Shown here on a 1.6 liter engine. Coil pack has been removed. The
1.8 engine is similar.



3. Temperature Gauge sensor - for 1.6 liter US miatas. It connects only to the temperature gauge in the dash.
It's behind the engine and tough to reach. Also shown is the rear view of the sensor for the engine computer
amd the cursed water plug.

And a similar view for a 1.8 engine. Thecoolant sensor for the gauge is moved over under the heater
hose, and the cursed water plug now sports a double cursed hose.