Miata Trunk Light

[photo] Here's where I put my home brewed trunk light, inside the cavity for the center brake light. There's plenty of room there. This position also allows the light to shine down onto the trunk, unlike some other lights you can buy that mount inside the trunk.
[photo] The big question then is how to turn the light on and off. Years ago, there used to be little men inside refrigerators that would do this job automatically for us. Today, they've all gone to work in the big microelectronic factories to build computer chips. These little guys are hard to find.
[photo] Here's my home made light, It's just an automotive socket, some brackets banged out of bracket material from the hardware store, and a mercury switch. The mercury switch came from a surplus store. Radio Shack no longer carries them. The nice thing about the mercury switch is that I don't need to drill a hole in the trunk for a plunger switch. Of course, all the wiring is well dressed and is fused right next to the battery. I can't find any little men to ride in the trunk with fire extinguishers, so I wanted to minimize the risk of any electrical short circuits.

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